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O mi gosh!!!! BOSHI!

2008-07-29 13:07:51 by J-A-C-K1973

O my gosh! O my gosh! O my gosh!!!
It's Boshi!! Usally idid not know about boshi but since
muffinman9 told me about boshi...i know him now!
Boshi is a very cool picture of yoshi (but i think he looks a little bit ugly)

O mi gosh!!!! BOSHI!


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2008-07-29 13:09:11

thats cool

J-A-C-K1973 responds:



2008-08-08 10:36:49

BOSHI! I think it's from super mario rpg

J-A-C-K1973 responds:

I dunno where he is from


2008-11-15 16:25:37

Hey if you don't know about other characters, or want to know about Boshi check out place called Mario Wiki...